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Studies, Surveys & Benchmarking Reports

In the current economic climate, it is challenging and often costly to land new business. Library Bid & RFP Alert helps library suppliers to capitalize on opportunities to respond to requests for proposals and other solicitations from public, K12, academic, and government libraries across the United States and Canada.

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The Survey of Library Use of Open Source Software

This 122-page report looks closely at how public, academic, and special libraries are using open source solutions for email, integrated library systems, word processing and spreadsheets, the library website, server management, and content management and digital preservation software, among other applications. The study looks at which libraries use open source and which use commercial software and why.

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Institutional Digital Repository Benchmarks, 2013 Edition

This 117-page study presents hard data on the holdings of college and university repositories, and the growth in their stock of journal articles, books, dissertations, images, video and other forms of intellectual property. The study also gives detailed info on budgets and operating costs, including the cost of professional labor, as well as details on what is downloaded from the sites and by whom.

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LibraryIntelligence helps libraries to run smarter and more cost efficiently. Each issue contains case studies, best practices, white papers, job listings, grant opportunities, humor, and more.

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Survey of Public Library Use of Tablet Computers, Smartphones & ebook Readers

This study looks closely at how public libraries are using tablet computers, smartphones and ebook readers. It helps librarians to answer questions such as: How many libraries have tablet computers? How many loan them out to patrons? What is their stock of tablets? What brands do they prefer? How much do they currently spend and plan to spend on tablets, smartphones and ebook readers in the future? How are they using tablets? How have tablets affected reference, information literacy, children's librarianship, administration and other areas? And many more.

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Books, Bytes & Beyond features new and notable books, periodicals, online resources and media releases for libraries.

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Survey of Library Furniture Acquisition Practices

This report presents highly detailed data for public and academic libraries on their furniture purchasing policies including use of consortium purchases, online purchases, use of auctions and buying and selling of used furniture.  It will help librarians answer questions such as: where do I find the best possible furniture and the best possible price? What are our peers buying and what are they satisfied with?

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Library Product News showcases information about new and notable products for public, academic, K12, and special libraries.

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The Survey of Library Cafes, 2012-13 Edition

This 78-page report examines the food service operations of 29 academic and public libraries, with over 175 tables tracking sales tendencies, revenues, and other benchmarking statistics.

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Library Use of ebooks, 2013 Edition

This report looks closely at how libraries use ebooks. It covers licensing, collection planning, use of consortiums for purchasing, number and type of suppliers used, spending levels, spending plans, use of tablets, ereaders and other technologies, use of etextbooks, edirectories and related spending plans, preferences for licenses from individual publishers or aggregators, and plans for license renewals.

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Redesigning the College Library Building, 2013 Edition

This report looks closely at college plans to restructure or alter space use in college libraries. It gives detailed data on college library plans to increase or decrease space for various departments and purposes, how they plan to develop and deploy their capital budgets, which types of projects and purposes are favored for the near future.  The report helps its end users to stay on the cutting edge, to find out what library planners are hoping to achieve in the near future.

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The 2013 Librarian's Yellow Pages, now in its 19th annual edition, is the definitive library buyer's guide. Now available in 3 convenient formats: print, PDF download, and online. Whether you are searching for products or services, setting up a library, building an RFP list, or you need an indispensable disaster recovery resource, the 2013 LYP is for you.

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The Survey of Library Database Licensing Practices, 2013 Edition

This report looks closely at how libraries license databases.

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Redesigning the Public Library Building

This report looks closely at how public libraries in the United States and Canada are altering their space use and development plans; the study looks at new libraries and at the alterations and alteration plans of existing libraries with data broken out by size of service area, library budget, for library systems and stand alone libraries and other criteria. The 170-page study gives detailed spending data on capital spending plans, and plans for redevelopment of children and teen areas, patron access areas, special purpose rooms, technology centers, overall patron seating and access to workstations and broadband, as well as data on plans for parking, landscaping, roof and floor development, staff only areas and many other considerations in public library space use and redesign.

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Survey of Academic Library Plans for Personal Computers, Laptops and Other Computing Devices

This report looks closely at academic library plans for personal computers, laptops, netbooks, tablet computers and other computing devices. The report helps librarians and university technology administrators to answer questions such as: how much have colleges spent on computers for libraries and what are their plans for the future? Which brands do they favor? How do they distribute spending between laptops, fixed workstations and other computing devices? How has the ascent of mobile computing affected and will affect computer and technology budgets?

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Survey of Library Use of Cloud Computing

This report examines closely how academic, public and special libraries are using cloud computing services. It looks at use of specific services from Amazon, Google, Rackspace, DuraCloud, DropBox and many others, as well as more general questions regarding the use of cloud services, such as security issues, overall cost, impact on IT staff, data reliability and other issues. The 76-page report helps libraries and IT staff to answer questions such as: what has been the experience of libraries with cloud computing to date? What are they using it for? What do they plan to use it for? How satisfied are they with their experience? What has been and will be the impact on the library budget? 

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The Survey of Library Public Relations Practices

This report examines the public relations practices of public, academic, special, and government libraries, with data sets illuminating trends in staffing, library outreach, and the use of web and social media, as well as trends in spending over the past two years and projections for the coming year. The 113-page report presents data broken out by type of library, number of employees, and budgetary allocation, while also offering free-form written responses from the survey participants, helping end users to understand the inner workings of the library's public relations department. 

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Survey of Scholarly Journal Licensing & Acquisition Practices

This 106-page report examines the scholarly journal licensing and acquisition practices of academic and special libraries, highlighting trends in journal subscriptions, publishers' pricing policies, and library spending on both print and online access journals. Based on a survey of 47 libraries from the United States and abroad, the report details library budgets for scholarly journals over the past two years as well as projections through 2013 while exploring the library's relationship and satisfaction with various subscription agents, including Ebsco, Harrasowitz, and Swets, among others. How has the open access movement affected journal prices and how willing have libraries been to embrace it? How many subscriptions have libraries cancelled over the past year and how many new ones have they added? What role do consortia play in journal purchasing and how do they affect journal acquisition policies? The sample represents a broad range of institutions, with academic libraries from all levels of higher education including community colleges, 4-year colleges, and research universities. Data are broken out by country, type of library, and 2011-12 spending on journals. 

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Best Practices in Developing Online Information Literacy Tutorials

The 285-page study looks closely at how academic library and information technology professionals develop online tutorials, examining the software and web services that they prefer, the teams that they assemble, their strategies for evaluating the success of tutorials, and many other facets of tutorial design, implementation and marketing. The report also looks at library use of vendor supplied tutorials, and tutorials supplied by other libraries. Some of the many questions that this report can help librarians and information technology professionals answer are: how much staff time does it take to develop tutorials? Who in libraries actually makes tutorials? How is video technology utilized? How is assessment done? The study present aggregated data and commentary from 78 academic libraries. 

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Law Library Benchmarks, 2012-13 Edition

This report closely examines trends for law libraries in materials spending, technology purchases, personnel and space allocation, web use and other issues. The study presents detailed data on spending on journals, books, newspapers and magazines, print reporter, ebooks, online databases and other information vehicles, as well as data on salaries and overall budget, in aggregate, and as a percentage change from prior years. Data presented on the extent of materials spending accounted for by print resources and plans for both print resource and digital resource spending for the future. In addition to spending data, the report examines law library plans in areas such as cloud computing, tablet computer and ebook readers, use of blogs and other social media, including extensive data on the extent of use of specific legal blogs by law librarians. The study also covers policies on cost recovery of online database expenses, giving detailed information on charge backs and the extent to which clients pay for online searches, with data for both external and internal clients of the library, as well as data on how the policies governing these charge backs have changed in recent years, or may change in the future. 

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