March 2014


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Libraries have a long history of serving their communities by providing access to resources and information. When the St. Paul Public Library saw a growing need for computer and job search skills, it created a new way to bring its community the tools and access they were searching for.
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Watch this video and feel your inner librarian shout YES

This is a great video you need to watch. Have a listen and think about the differences between the can-do attitude of this librarian and how we should be the same. This, let’s not beat about the bush, is an utterly fantastic talk that shows how important and adventurous libraries should be.

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My two favourite things in life are libraries and bicycles. They both move people forward without wasting anything. Peter Golkin




In Focus: The Academic Library: Cowpath or Path to the Future?

This paper relates the traditional academic library to the expression, “don’t pave the cowpath.” Originating in the IT world, this expression means to not integrate technology into an established practice without assessing whether the process is still effective or still needed. Even though sustaining technologies have simplified information retrieval and library tasks, library organizational structure and processes remain pretty much unchanged. This article discusses the cowpath that academic libraries have followed for decades and the challenges disruptive technologies pose to the traditional model. It looks at how one academic library rejected tradition, got off the cowpath and created a different kind of academic library—one that is innovative and fits the mission of an experimental new college.

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Case Study: Easier Ebook Access with Encore and 3M at Westerville Public Library

The Westerville Public Library, serving a small suburban town near Columbus, Ohio, is consistently ranked as one of the top public libraries in the United States. Named a five-star library by Library Journal for the last four years in a row, Westerville Public is in very special company as one of only 82 public libraries (out of more than 9,000) to receive this rating in 2013.

Challenge: How does Westerville Public stay on top? Librarians who work there, like Steve Owley, Manager of Support Services, stay in close touch with the needs of the community and constantly look for ways to improve the library user experience. One example involves ebook usage, which has been steadily climbing in the last few years. However, Steve and his colleagues recognized that the online process for finding, checking out, and using an ebook was far from seamless. In early 2013, they started looking for ways to make it better.

The outlook for ebook usage at Westerville Public at the beginning of 2013 was already a positive one. A member of the 150-library Ohio Ebook project, Westerville was the third heaviest user in the group with more than 50,000 ebook checkouts in 2012.

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Best Practices: Patron-driven Acquisitions

The University of Arizona (UA) Libraries employs a 21st century user-centered approach to information resource management. As a part of that program, we have adopted
Patron-driven Acquisitions. Fundamentally, the program is based on the model of users as the drivers of library acquisitions. By embedding order records in the library catalog and by identifying user needs through interlibrary loan

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Case Study: Confronting and Learning from a Disaster

Superstorm Sandy made landfall on October 29, 2012, just south of New York City. The New York University (NYU) Langone Medical Center, situated on Manhattan’s east side, was hit heavily by the storm surge, which flooded the center’s lower levels and caused power outages throughout the facility.

Throughout the evening of October 29 and into the morning of October 30, Langone patients were evacuated. Once all patients were moved, work began immediately
to assess damage to the center’s electrical and mechanical infrastructure, its clinical and research facilities, and the Frederick L. Ehrman Medical Library. Located on three floors in the medical center, the library is a vital part of the...

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Spotlight: LEID Products iLibrary System

LEID Products iLibrary System is empowering libraries to meet their community’s needs. Often referred to as a 'Library Express,’ the concept of a self-service mini library branch has been increasing in popularity across the nation. LEID's compelling self-service solutions provide public libraries with an innovative and affordable option to provide library access where demand is insufficient to support a traditional 'brick and mortar' library. LEID’s iLibrary computer kiosk provides connection to the Library’s on-line card catalog to reserve materials. LEID’s electronically controlled lockers with keypad store library holds for patron pickup at their convenience.

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Best Practices: How to Lead from the Middle with Evidence-Based Decision Making

The position of department head is one of leadership, charged with the challenges of developing the department’s future.To achieve that, a department head has to be able to persuade, influence, and communicate with not only his/her department members, but the senior administration of the library.

Department members tend to falsely think that the head has unlimited power to solve all of their problems. On the other hand, the senior administration might want conflicting things than that of the department members. How does a department head, sandwiched between the two very different groups, make his/her decisions?

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Spotlight: Archival Products

Archival Products’ fine quality preservation solutions for college and research libraries are the key to preserving pamphlets, music, rare books, manuscripts, maps, posters and archival collections. We are proud to be a part of the preservation and conservation community and have been true to the archival movement, developing products and never substituting the quality of specifications. We have been proactive in raising standards and improving products. Make Archival Products an essential component of your library preservation program. Contact us for a free product sample from our online catalog for consideration for protecting your valuable collection. 800.526.5640.

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Grants & Funding

Funds are available for a broad range of libraries, including public, academic, medical and special interest. They include support in the form of awards, competitions, recruitment grants, and collection or program development grants.Read on

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