Ideas for Disposing of Weeded Books and/or Used Books

Throw Them Away. It's okay, really. It's hard, but sometimes, there's a reason why a book hasn't circulated in 5 or 10 years, or why it didn't sell at the book sale. Please consider recycling your old, outdated, damaged or otherwise unwanted books as a viable option. The resources listed below are outlets for quality books only, not dumping grounds.

  • Book sale (on-going in the library or annual Friends of the Library sale)
  • Have a "$1 per bag" sale for the last day or few hours of the sale - as many books someone can fit into their bag (or box) for $1
  • Set out leftover books in "Free" boxes after the sale
  • Donate books to:

Hands Across the Water

Books for Soldiers

Goodwill or Salvation Army stores (contacting the store first might be a good idea)

Furniture stores and restaurants are sometimes interested in books, as they use them as props in their displays

Jails and prisons often take books, but often will only take certain kinds

  • Distribute books through:


Sell books through:

Try an art or altered book project, such as:

This Into That (building furniture with books)

Altered Books

Sorted Books (arranging books so their titles spell you meaningful phrases)

Courtesy of Library Success