In 2012, Gail Borden Public Library District decided to take summer reading in a new direction: outside the library building. To do so, librarians developed “Gold Star Partners,” which connects community partners with library services and provides all the components of summer reading: reading logs, materials, and support from library staff. Since that first year, Gold Star Partners has grown to account for roughly 50% of all summer reading finishers in the library district. Gold Star Partners received the 2016 Demco Upstart Innovation Award from PLA, which honors a public library’s innovative and creative service program.


In this webinar, learn how to maximize flexibility and achieve more with volunteers, receive an overview of Gold Star Partners, and learn how to develop community partnerships with day care centers, community centers, senior residential facilities, and other organizations that serve children and adults to increase summer reading participation.

Unlock Summer Reading: Your Community Holds the Keys

  • Gail Borden Public Library