You probably know at least one person at your library who demonstrates passive-aggressive behavior. Maybe it’s a difficult co-worker or a regular patron. Maybe it’s your supervisor! This behavior can be confusing and maddening, but you can learn how to reframe and deal with this behavior to make your work life a little bit easier and less stressful.


This interactive webinar will walk through the “whys” “hows” and “what nows?” of passive-aggressive behavior.


Participants will learn:


• How passive-aggressive behavior can be an adaptive trait and encouraged through systems at work, home or in broader society

• Signs and examples of passive-aggressive behavior

• Tips and techniques on how to reframe the behavior and deal with it appropriately at work and home

• What boundaries are and how they affect our behavior

• Role play examples to more effectively communicate

Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Behaviors at Your Library

  • Carrie Rogers-Whitehead is the CEO of Digital Respons-Ability, TEDx speaker, and college instructor. She teaches about communication through technology through her company’s work, but also regularly trains on communication and behavior as a consultant and in other venues. Carrie likes to look at the WHYs of communication and has learned through her experience as a teen librarian that the actual words in conversation can carry multiple meanings. Through her previous work as a librarian she regularly de-escalated conflict situations and dealt with passive-aggressive behavior from various sources. She believes that knowing how to communicate, and listen effectively, are some of the most important skills in librarianship and beyond.


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