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Defusing Conflict Situations in the Library

Defusing Conflict Situations in the Library


$25 per person for 4+licenses

This webinar includes role playing and other strategies on how to defuse conflict situations with patrons, colleagues or superiors. Bringing in strategies from law enforcement, addiction research, therapy and more, this interactive presentation will provide practical strategies for creating empathy and a more positive library environment.


Through this webinar you will discover:
• Role-playing scripts you can practice in your library for dealing with conflict
• The WHYs of conflict--- Potential causes for conflict situations
• What NOT to say in a conflict situation
• Strategies for working with mentally ill patrons
• Strategies for conflict with teen patrons

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead spent nearly a decade in busy urban libraries, where she learned "on the ground" how to defuse conflict situations. In her position as Senior Librarian over Teen Services for Salt Lake County Libraries, Carrie provided support, information, programs and much more to the over 100 teenagers coming to her branch after school every day. Carrie has years of experience as a librarian working with special populations such as refugees, homeless individuals, individuals with disabilities, youth in detention and more. She was recognized for her work with these populations by being chosen as the Utah Librarian of the Year in 2013 and a Special Service award with the Red Cross. After leaving libraries in 2016, Carrie started two businesses but still guides librarians as a consultant and author of Teen Fandom and Geek Programming: A Practical Guide for Librarians.

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