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Begin With One Step: How to Start Talking About DEI at Your Library

Begin With One Step: How to Start Talking About DEI at Your Library


$25 per person for 4+licenses

The words Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (and Justice and Belonging) are hard but necessary issues to address globally, nationally, and locally.


  • It is not easy to acknowledge different views, cultures, and lifestyles.
  • It is not easy to hear about casual or systemic inequities of the past and present.
  • It is not easy to make sure everyone who should have a place in the conversation is in the room when having the conversation.


However, diversity, equity, and inclusion are vital to creating a welcoming atmosphere for your customers and staff.


This one-hour class will introduce you to techniques and resources to help start the conversation around DEI in your library.

Maurice Coleman is the Principal of Coleman & Associates. As a trainer, coach, and keynote speaker, Maurice helps organizations improve their human processes and use of technology, expand their internal/external communications, and broaden their focus and implementation of EDI activities. Since 2008, he has hosted and produced the long-running (and oldest) training/education and empowerment podcast T is for Training. This writer, editor, and marketing maven has been giving presentations across the U.S. and Canada for 25+ years, always sprinkling them with humor to make marketing concepts more interesting and accessible.

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