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Build Better Working Relationships at Your Library

Your co-worker frequently agrees to a task and then it doesn’t get done. Another is not pulling their weight. You thought your employee understood the assignment but…


When we address issues like these it's tempting to repeat ourselves or talk louder. We might ramble, or send an email and hope for the best. We might work around them, creating more work for ourselves.


In this lively and practical session you will learn tactics to engage with others to create a foundation for more effective interactions – useful no matter what your role at your library.


Participants come away with tips like these, to transform conversations and pave the way for more successful outcomes.

•A counter-intuitive method to be heard – stop talking.
•How to choose what to say and when, and why that’s important.
•Questions to advance a discussion.


Participants report they find these skills useful at work and in life.

Build Better Working Relationships at Your Library


$25 per person for 4+licenses

  • As the principal of her own business and as an HR professional, Mary Schaefer coaches, trains and consults on improving manager/employee interactions and creating positive and functional work environments through empowered leaders and employees. Mary is a former HR manager, TEDx talker, and has delivered teamwork, leadership, and communications workshops as part of the Delaware ILEAD (Innovative Librarians Explore, Apply and Discover) program and at Maryland/Delaware library systems' annual conferences.

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