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Collection Preservation: Intro to Environmental Damage to Materials

Nearly all library materials will decay over time due to the temperature and relative humidity conditions of the environment they live in.  For some collections, such as circulating materials, this may be a small, but constant, factor in the overall lifespan of the object.  For other materials - non-circulating items, special collections, and others - environmentally induced decay often becomes the primary determinant in the object's long-term preservation. 

This webinar will introduce participants to the four major forms of degradation that are environmentally driven and experienced by common library materials:

  • natural aging
  • physical shape change
  • corrosion, and
  • biological damage

Participants will learn early steps and options for reducing the impacts of environmentally-induced decay.


Collection Preservation: Intro to Environmental Damage to Materials


$25 per person for 4+licenses

  • Jeremy Linden has been the Principal/Owner of Linden Preservation Services, Inc., since 2017.  He is an active educator and consultant, and works closely with colleagues in libraries, archives, and museums on issues of material preservation, mechanical system performance, energy-savings, and sustainability.  He was previously the Senior Preservation Environment Specialist at the Image Permanence Institute from 2010-2017.  Jeremy earned an MLS in Information Studies and an MA in History from the University of Maryland, and a BA in History from Vassar College.  Formerly a certified archivist and HVAC professional, Jeremy has over 15 years of experience working in the cultural heritage field.

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