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Curious About Library Supervision?

Curious About Library Supervision?


$25 per person for 4+licenses

Are you applying for a supervisory position at your library? Have you been promoted and are preparing for your new role? Are you a manager mentoring your employees and helping them land their first supervising job, and you realize their resumes need to reflect the job they want, not the job they have? Or are you an administrator wanting to improve your hiring practices, including creating more accurate descriptions of supervisory duties?

In other words, are you interested in what is different–and special–about successful library supervision? Many smart and competent librarians and library associates, even with years of experience, often are surprised at how becoming a supervisor is not what they expected.

One potential revelation is that library supervisors tend to see priorities differently. Another is realizing that telling people what to do and how to do it does not translate into instant compliance. All those problems that seemed simple from the ground floor become more complicated when, as a library supervisor, your employees are asking for one thing, your co-workers want something different, and your bosses require results that seem unrelated to workplace realities. And sometimes long-time workplace friends are not happy when you start talking and acting like one of “them.”

The two goals for this webinar: Help prepare potential library supervisors for their role in the workplace and provide a framework for managers and administrators to better communicate the requirements of the job.

Topics include how relationships with co-workers can change, the need for both project management and interpersonal skills, keeping people on track, difficult conversations, course correction, and what your resume should tell your current and future employers about your readiness to be a supervisor.

Following this webinar, you will know how to:

• Prepare for how supervision is different from your previous professional, technical, or support positions.

• Better manage the changing relationships with co-workers after promotion.

• Polish your resume to better reflect your aptitude for supervision.

• Better explain the role and expectations regarding supervision.

Pat Wagner is a trainer and consultant with over 40 years of experience working for libraries, universities, local government, nonprofits, and small businesses. She supports the success of libraries with programs on personnel, supervision, management, leadership, marketing, strategic planning, project management, and communication. Pat has worked with libraries and library organizations throughout the United States, from the smallest rural storefronts to the largest academic and urban library institutions. Pat also is a frequent speaker at state and national conferences. She is known for her good-humored and practical presentations.

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