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Customer Interaction Strategies: 3 Sides of Success

Join Maurice Coleman, Principal with Coleman & Associates and host of the “T is for Training” podcast and consultant with over thirty years of customer service delivery and management experience. Participants in this workshop/event will get customer service insights, practical advice, and useful tools to create consistently positive customer interactions and defuse potentially challenging customer situations. You will learn about effective strategies and tips for creating positive experiences with patrons, coworkers, and constituents.

Customer Interaction Strategies: 3 Sides of Success


$25 per person for 4+licenses

  • Maurice Coleman is the Principal of Coleman & Associates. As a trainer, coach, and keynote speaker, Maurice helps organizations improve their human processes and use of technology, expand their internal/external communications, and broaden their focus and implementation of EDI activities. Since 2008, he has hosted and produced the long-running (and oldest) training/education and empowerment podcast T is for Training.

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