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Don't Solve Everything! Build a Problem-Solving Team Instead

When someone on your team faces a problem at your library, often their first reaction is to bring it to their supervisor, right? Well, who can blame them? Most managers are happy (or at least willing) to jump right in and fix everything, but to build a really strong team, that's not the right answer.


If you'd like to encourage your team to grow in confidence, skill, and initiative, then you need to begin to share problem-solving with them. They might not do everything exactly as you would do it but they will bring their own unique skills and abilities to make your team stronger and more engaged.  

In this webinar, supervisors will learn how to:

• grow problem-solving skills in others so that they are equipped to step up and keep the team focused on mission
• build their confidence to use those problem-solving skills  without fear of failure or reprisal
• make sure that, going forward, problem-solving is a team sport that includes support and room to grow!

Don't Solve Everything! Build a Problem-Solving Team Instead


$25 per person for 4+licenses

  • Presenter: Catherine Hakala-Ausperk, is an author and national library speaker and consultant with 32-years’ experience in everything from public library service to management and administration. She also teaches at The iSchool at Kent State (OH), as well as for the American Library Association’s Certified Public Library Administrator (CPLA) Program, The Public Library Association, ALA’s eLearning Solutions, the Urban Library Council, InfoPeople, and multiple other organizations.  Catherine is active speaking, planning and consulting in libraries around the country. Catherine’s passion is for supporting, coaching, and developing great libraries, successful teams, and – especially – strong and effective library leaders.

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