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Enhancing the Digital Experience for Library Patrons With Disabilities

An estimated 60 million people in the United States report limitations in their daily activities due to a disability. When it comes to the physical world, organizations have made progress in accommodating the needs of patrons with disabilities.


But in the digital world, websites lack basic accessibility features such as text alternatives describing images, proper heading level structures so individuals who are blind and use screen readers can understand the content on a webpage, or captioning for multimedia content for individuals who are deaf or are hard of hearing – let alone assistive technology for patrons who have trouble using mobile devices due to dexterity limitations that arise from a variety of conditions.


In this session, attendees will:

• Understand people with disabilities (PWDs) and how they use the web

• Learn about common barriers faced by PWDs, accessibility issues and solutions for libraries

• Learn about accessibility standards, regulations and laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

• Uncover ROI for accessibility programs

Enhancing the Digital Experience for Library Patrons With Disabilities


$25 per person for 4+licenses

  • Kara Zirkle, Manager, Compliance and Training at eSSENTIAL Accessibility has over 18 years’ experience working with individuals with disabilities and education/outreach. She is an advocate and educator with regard to providing technical support, awareness and guidance on assistive technologies as well as the laws around overall accessibility and those that protect individuals with disabilities.

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