Today’s youth are inheriting the largest and most complex information landscape in human history – one that is rife with increasingly deceptive and devious forms of misinformation. And for adult patrons, it can be very confusing.


In this webinar, you’ll learn:
1. some of the major tactics that purveyors of misinformation employ;
2. how to use actual examples of viral falsehoods to teach students and adult patrons alike how to be more news-literate, savvy consumers of information; and
3. how to use a variety of free online tools to teach vital fact-checking skills everyone need to avoids being exploited online.

Going Viral: How to Use Misinformation to Teach News Literacy

  • Peter Adams is the News Literacy Project’s senior vice president of education and has been with the organization since 2009. He began his career in education as a classroom teacher in the New York City schools. He has also worked as a trainer with the New York City Teaching Fellows Program, a youth media after-school instructor in the Chicago public schools and an adjunct instructor at Roosevelt University and Chicago City Colleges.


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