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How to Keep Library Projects on Track: Project Management for Everyone

How to Keep Library Projects on Track: Project Management for Everyone


$25 per person for 4+licenses

Everything we do in our workplaces and our personal lives is a project. We set goals, decide on budgets, determine timelines, checkpoints, and deadlines, and appoint the people responsible for getting the job done, at a level of quality that satisfies us. And we treat each other with civility.


The basic ideas of library project management are simple, but implementation can be difficult. It requires transparent communication, setting priorities, and being able to document successes and failures. Applying the principles of Who, When, What, How Long, How Much, and Why can lower costs, improve quality, and ensure we meet our deadlines in a timely fashion, with everyone still on good terms, ready for the next challenge.

Topics include the importance of accountability, setting shared goals and expectations, and what to do when projects “drift” off track.

Following this webinar, you will know how to:


1. Create a simple worksheet for almost any project.

2. Recognize common project management problems and know how to fix them before there is a crisis.

3. Apply the principles to most library workplace projects, including ongoing tasks, special events, and meeting strategic planning goals.


Individual license: $49/person. Ask us about site licenses for parties of 4 or more. Contact Jenny Newman at or 240.751.0102.

Pat Wagner is a trainer and consultant with 40 years of experience working for libraries, universities, local government, non-profits, and small businesses. She supports the success of libraries with programs on personnel, supervision, management, leadership, marketing, strategic planning, project management, and communication. Pat has worked with libraries and library organizations throughout the United States, from the smallest rural storefronts to the largest academic and urban library institutions. Pat also is a frequent speaker at state and national conferences. She is known for her good-humored and practical presentations.

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