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Increasing Library Workplace Engagement and Satisfaction

Increasing Library Workplace Engagement and Satisfaction


This program will present the findings of two studies: one on library workplace engagement and one on library job satisfaction. The program will discuss the findings of both studies and focus on the five overlapping factors that had the greatest influence on respondents’ engagement and satisfaction: culture & work environment, leadership, workload, recognition, and meaning. The program will discuss ways library leaders and each one us in libraries can work to create a library culture that supports engagement and satisfaction. 


  • From this webinar you will learn: 

  • The importance of workplace engagement and job satisfaction to a well-functioning library. 

  • The factors found to influence both workplace engagement and job satisfaction and how they affect the library as a workplace. 

  • Ways to positively influence these factors in your library. 

Jason Martin serves as interim Dean of the James E. Walker Library at Middle Tennessee State University. He holds an EdD in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida and an MLS and BA from the University of South Florida. He researches, publishes, and presents on leadership, organizational culture, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, productivity, and goal setting and achievement. 

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