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Making Each Other Look Good: The Library Board and the Library Director

In an ideal world, board and director are on the same page regarding values, vision, and goals. All too often, that relationship breaks down. Communication fails among board members; expectations of the director are not conveyed or are conveyed poorly. The director fails to notify the board of key issues or projects. How can board members and directors build a stronger and more positive communication infrastructure? While this webinar focuses mostly on board and directors, any staff member interested in the larger dynamics of this relationship may find the session illuminating.


This webinar focuses on observable communication behaviors, appropriate roles, scopes of responsibility, library evaluation, board evaluations, and director evaluations.


From this webinar, you will learn:

• Communication behavior is both a predictor of successful performance and can be observed and verified.

• Board, director and staff have distinct roles tied to both values and time frames.

• Boards evaluate director performance. Boards should also evaluate their own.


Making Each Other Look Good: The Library Board and the Library Director


$25 per person for 4+licenses

  • Jamie LaRue is the CEO of LaRue and Associates. Author of "The New Inquisition: Understanding and Managing Intellectual Freedom Challenges," Jamie was a public library director for many years, as well as a weekly newspaper columnist and cable TV host. From January of 2016 to November of 2018, he was director of the ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom, and the Freedom to Read Foundation. He has written, spoken, and consulted extensively on intellectual freedom issues, leadership and organizational development, community engagement, and the future of libraries.

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