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Marketing for Libraries: Learn Principles and Methods that Help You Identify You

Libraries often have to market themselves but lack the funding or formally trained staff. This webinar teaches you how marketing can work for your library, applying practical methods based on marketing principles that apply to any field. Understanding how to identify your audience allows them to be served better, but also opens the door for libraries to engage directly and advocate. A hands-on approach lets you learn practical and invaluable skills that allows you to identify who your current audience is, who you are trying to reach, and how.

From this webinar you will learn intentional marketing, including how to:
• identify, refine your message, and create a brand,
• translate marketing lingo to your library programs and services, and know when to send your message.

As a bonus, you will learn about social media apps and tools that help automate your posts and help with time management.

Marketing for Libraries: Learn Principles and Methods that Help You Identify You


$25 per person for 4+licenses

  • Jennifer Blair is the Head of User Services Librarian and Assistant Professor at Azusa Pacific University. Her role is dedicated to the user experience, including marketing the library, and teaching. She has extensive experience teaching online courses in design and computer literacy. Jennifer holds a B.A. in Graphic Design, a M.A in Education with an emphasis in Educational Multimedia, and a M.S. in Library and Information Studies. Her experience in academic and public libraries as well as work experience in art and design allow her to employ visionary strategies to enrich progress and enhance advancement for students.

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