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Online Safety: Cyberbullying, Privacy, Trends and More

Online Safety: Cyberbullying, Privacy, Trends and More


$25 per person for 4+licenses

What has been happening in the world of online safety and privacy? This webinar will summarize the current trends, laws in the US, software/apps and more in this space. Topics discussed in this webinar include:

-Cyberbullying: What can librarians do when cyberbullying occurs in the library?
-Online privacy law in the US and beyond: How do these laws affect libraries?
-Online privacy trends including AI surveillance, encryption and more: How can libraries protect their patron’s data in a landscape of decreased online privacy?
-Red flag apps: What apps should youth services librarians be aware of in their children and young adult patrons?
-Online safety trends: What’s happening at a national level and politically?
-Advice for librarians to keep their patrons safe and protect their privacy online

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead worked in libraries for nearly a decade and now consults and trains librarians. She regularly researches and writes for librarians, educators and parents. She is the founder of Digital Respons-Ability, a mission-based company that has educated tens of thousands of students, parents and educators in digital citizenship. Carrie is currently writing a book for ABC-Clio with two school librarians on how librarians can better teach and advocate digital citizenship in their libraries.

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