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Policies and Procedures: How They Manage You and Your Patrons

Policies and procedures go hand in hand and are essential to the success of library operations. But many ask, “Why so many rules?” Libraries are the protectors and distributors of information. People rely on libraries to provide access to information, but also teach you how to use it. With such great responsibility, it is necessary to create and enforce policies and procedures because it influences everything from circulation to staff training. A lack of procedure makes it harder for you and staff to set boundaries, understand patrons and their needs, and how it fits into the library mission. Policies and procedures allow conflict to be resolved and the purpose of the library to succeed. Creating policies and follow-through procedures are vital for libraries to set guidelines and ensure the diverse needs of patrons are being met.


From this webinar, you will:

• Understand policies and their influence with library staff and patrons.

• Understand the difference between a policy and a procedure and the necessity for both.

• Identify policies that work best for your library and receive tangible steps to create a policy and procedure.

Policies and Procedures: How They Manage You and Your Patrons


$25 per person for 4+licenses

  • Jennifer Blair is the Head of User Services Librarian and Assistant Professor at Azusa Pacific University (APU). Her role is dedicated to the user experience, including marketing the library, and teaching. She has extensive experience teaching online courses in design and computer literacy. Jennifer holds a B.A. in Graphic Design, a M.A in Education with an emphasis in Educational Multimedia, and a M.S. in Library and Information Studies. Her experience in academic and public libraries as well as work experience in art and design allow her to employ visionary strategies to enrich progress and enhance advancement for students.

  • Single-seat license is $49. Ask about group rates for parties of 4 or more (email

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