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Seven Elements of Successful Online Presentations

The Gold Standard for workplace education is when participants successfully use the content of a class to address real challenges. In practical terms, this means participants act, and something changes for the better in their opinion, and/or in the opinions of library bosses, colleagues, employees, vendors, and customers.


Whether you have been immersed in virtual education for the first time during the pandemic or are a seasoned online presenter, you can continue to improve your live and recorded programs. There appears to be a confusing number of conflicting theories about what is “best,” thus, we have created categories for seven elements that make up a successful presentation and offer examples and stories for each element. The goal? Finding multiple "better” ways to achieve the Gold Standard. The elements are:


  • Inspiration: Your own passion for the topic: connecting personally with your audience
  • Content: Facts, ideas, models, stories, examples, and opinions, with a focus on practicality
  • Process: The structure and flow of the presentation to aid understanding and retention
  • Aesthetics: How your program looks and sounds
  • Technology: The tools and channels for delivery
  • Experience: Engagement, practice, and reflection within the presentation: Questions, interactive posts, surveys, polls, quizzes, case studies, discussions
  • Assignments: Participants do something with the information during the class or in their workplace: Real life applications, experiments, homework. Testing ideas in the field

Following this webinar, you will know how to:


  • Create your own score card for polishing your online presentations.
  • Experiment with new ways to present your content.
  • Develop your own standards for how you and your colleagues present information.
  • Not feel intimidated when someone tells you that you are creating presentations the “Wrong Way,” meaning not “Their Way."

Seven Elements of Successful Online Presentations


$25 per person for 4+licenses

  • Pat Wagner is a trainer and consultant with 40 years of experience working for libraries, universities, local government, nonprofits, and small businesses. She supports the success of libraries with programs on personnel, supervision, management, leadership, marketing, strategic planning, project management, and communication. Pat has worked with libraries and library organizations throughout the United States, from the smallest rural storefronts to the largest academic and urban library institutions. Pat also is a frequent speaker at state and national conferences. She is known for her good-humored and practical presentations.

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