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The Fundamentals of Teaching News Literacy

This session will demonstrate 10 distinct, engaging, and ready-to-implement ways of teaching a variety of essential news literacy topics and skills, including differentiating between news and opinion, evaluating evidence for claims, evaluating the credibility of sources, understanding various types of inauthentic social media activity (such bots), branded content, the role of algorithms and the use of the standards of quality journalism to evaluate news reporting. In this webinar, you will learn:

• several evergreen strategies for teaching core news literacy topics, including quick interventions (such as bell-ringers);

• how teaching the standards of quality journalism activates students’ ability to evaluate news and information online; and

• how to use free resources from the News Literacy Project to teach core concepts in news literacy.

The Fundamentals of Teaching News Literacy


$25 per person for 4+licenses

  • Peter Adams is the News Literacy Project’s senior vice president of education and has been with the organization since 2009. He began his career in education as a classroom teacher in the New York City schools. He has also worked as a trainer with the New York City Teaching Fellows Program, a youth media after-school instructor in the Chicago public schools and an adjunct instructor at Roosevelt University and Chicago City Colleges.

  • Single-seat license is $49. Ask about group rates for parties of 4 or more (email

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