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The Quiet Approach for Serving Library Patrons

Customer service is not an easy job for many of us. It’s hard work to just stay on top of the ever-changing products and services the library has to offer, and it takes real skill to talk with people, determine their needs, and fulfill their requests. It can be especially challenging for those who are more introverted or shy to work with patrons while handling difficult questions, listening to complaints, and sometimes dealing with people who may be angry or confused.

This interactive and informative program will give attendees the tools that they need to be more successful and in-control in their customer interactions. We will focus on the strengths of the “Quiet Approach” including active listening and thinking before speaking, while sharpening the skills needed to handle all customer situations with less anxiety and stress.

Participants will:
·      Explore methods of serving patrons and building patron relationships with less stress and apprehension
·      Discover different ways of interacting with the patron that doesn’t feel forced or mandated
·      Learn how to ask more effective questions to help patrons get the help that they need
·      Be introduced to stress relief techniques they can use when patron situations become overwhelming or overstimulating.


The Quiet Approach for Serving Library Patrons


$25 per person for 4+licenses

  • Andrew Sanderbeck has been developing and conducting training programs for libraries and library organizations for more than fifteen years. He has presented Web-based, On-line, and Face-to-Face sessions on Management and Leadership, Customer Service and Communication Skills in the U.S. and numerous countries around the world.

    He is a board member of the Haywood County Public Library and a monthly donor to EveryLibrary, advocating for libraries everywhere that support is needed.

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