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Time Management for Library Staff

Library managers have many demands and distractions. This presentation will help cut through the noise and suggest both tech and non-tech solutions for better balance at work. Attendees will also learn more about the whys of procrastination, how to deal with email stress, creating boundaries and routines and more.


Through this webinar, you will learn:

• The psychology of procrastination

• More about prioritizing tasks

• Tech-solutions for tech distractions

• Communicating with colleagues and others to better create healthy boundaries

Time Management for Library Staff


$25 per person for 4+licenses

  • Carrie Rogers-Whitehead worked in libraries for nearly a decade and now consults and trains

    librarians. She regularly researches and writes for librarians, educators, and parents. Carrie has published 5 books, with two coming out in 2022 including a new book co-authored with two school librarians with ABC-CLIO: Advocating Digital Citizenship: Resources for Library and Classroom. In 2021 she received an Outstanding Reference Title award from the Reference & User Services Association of ALA. Carrie is the founder of Digital Respons-Ability, a mission-based company that has educated tens of thousands of students, parents, and educators in digital citizenship. Her company’s curriculum and work can be found in multiple states and countries. Carrie is a sought-after trainer, former TEDx speaker, adjunct instructor and loves to teach others.

  • A single-seat license is $49. Ask about group rates for parties of 4 or more (email

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