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Why Your Library Website Should Include a Press Room

Many public libraries wish they could get more positive media coverage, yet they don’t know how to actively court the media. Simply sending press releases doesn’t cut it anymore! One thing that can help is creating a section of your website specifically for local and national press people. This is even more important for organizations that don’t have trained or full-time communications staff members.


As a combination library marketing maven and longtime journalist, Kathy Dempsey is in a unique position to teach you why an online press room matters and what specific information it should contain. If you follow the advice in this webinar, your library will be more media-savvy:

• You’ll be more likely to get coverage in the first place.

• You’ll have what writers need when they’re on deadline – even if you don’t have a dedicated marketing or communications person on staff.

• You don’t need to scramble or sound disorganized when answering reporters.

• You’ll be better prepared to build relationships and become a trusted source for reporters. 


Please note: This session is not about coding or building websites. It concentrates on the content that should be included on a web page in order to make it a useful tool for members of the media. LEVEL: BASIC

    Why Your Library Website Should Include a Press Room


    $25 per person for 4+licenses

    • Kathy Dempsey is a consultant and trainer through her business, Libraries Are Essential, and is the author of The Accidental Library Marketer (Information Today, Inc., 2009). Her work is dedicated to helping librarians and information professionals promote their value and expertise in order to gain respect and funding. Kathy has been the Editor of the Marketing Library Services newsletter for 24 years and was formerly Editor-in-Chief of Computers in Libraries magazine. She also blogs at The 'M' Word, and is an active member of the New Jersey Library Association.


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