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Conflict in the Library: Managing, Surviving, and Even Thriving?!

Stevie Munz

Creating Standards for Successful Customer Service (For Frontline Staff)

Pat Wagner

Customer Interaction Strategies: 3 Sides of Success

Maurice Coleman

Dealing With Hostile and Potentially Dangerous Library Users

Pat Wagner

Dealing With the Behaviors of Toxic People in Your Library

Andrew Sanderbeck

Defusing Encounters With Angry Patrons at Your Library

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead

Enhancing the Digital Experience for Library Patrons With Disabilities

Kara Zirkle

How to Break the Rules: Offering Great Customer Service to Everyone!

Pat Wagner

Mental Health: How Libraries Can Empower Themselves to Respond

Jennifer Blair

No, the Customer Isn’t Always Right

Andrew Sanderbeck

Policies and Procedures: How They Manage You and Your Patrons

Jennifer Blair

Strategies for Outreach to Marginalized Populations

Kathy Dempsey

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